Licensed Interior Design Firm

As a L.I.D. firm we are qualified to provide the necessary professional stamp for attaining building and development permits for construction drawings as required from the City Of Calgary and the Alberta Building Code.

Leasing Assistance

With the knowledge of building structures, mechanical, electrical and building efficiencies we are able to enhance space plans hypothetically for leasing vacant spaces. With our involvement from the beginning, we are able to assess elements which are cost effective for the prospective tenant. Our knowledge with the Alberta Building Code provides value by incorporating safety and meeting code compliance.

Project Management

Designlines as the main consultant on a project will coordinate with many other necessary consultants and team members i.e. general contractor, mechanical, electrical and structural consultants required on a project. This allows the client to report to one individual for the progress related to the project.

Feasibility Study

A Client may be considering several spaces in various buildings. We will research space and provide space planning and building analysis. This allows us to illustrate the efficiencies and features which assist the client in selecting the best fit within a building envelop.

Full Design Services

Full design drawing packages are needed for all different types of spaces i.e. corporate, industrial, residential... and sizes. Whether a client is an owner or leasee; whether the interior space requires a minor renovation, or extensive construction; full design services are a way to ensure the clients' needs and desires are communicated to the contractor for building the space. Full design services include the following:

  • Space planning.
  • Furniture consultation, tendering etc.
  • Architectural interior design construction drawings and specifications.
  • Coordination of mechanical, electrical, structural engineer drawings etc.
  • Development permit application.
  • Alberta Building Code review.
  • Tender for construction.
  • Construction review and implementation.

Organizing Services

Focuses on helping individuals, professionals and businesses, organize and set up environments; such as a new home, office space or surroundings that require restructuring or an updated make over. We believe less is.... more.

Services include the following:

  • Structuring and setting up complete environments; both residential and corporate from beginning to end.
  • Creating balance, making surroundings organized, functional and relaxed.
  • Maximizing and optimizing spatial needs.
  • Selecting furniture and home furnishings for purchase.
  • Coordinate decor and surroundings.
  • Arranging closets, drawers, shelves and cabinets; conserving storage.
  • Removing and itemizing personal and professional accumulated documents, clothes and miscellaneous items.

Staging Services

Specializes in occupied or unoccupied spaces. The focus is define the true beauty of your environment home while you occupy it. When deciding to sell your home it is important that it also looks its best. This is called interim staging, it creates inviting, warm interiors that appeal to the buyer. This process will often assist the selling of your home quicker and at higher prices. Services include the following:

  • On site home staging consultation.
  • Assessing the interiors decor and items to remain or be illuminated.
  • Sourcing furniture and accessories.
  • Removing clutter.
  • Repositioning furniture.
  • Recommending exterior curb appeal.